Amen to the creators of the Clarisonic Face Cleansers

One of the greatest inventions that skin care experts could have created is the range of clarisonic face cleansing brush products and my top favourite is the Clarisonic Aria with 3 different speeds as well as gives the user the choice of gentle cleansing to deep make up removal cleansing.

Just to be extra OCD and go into the fine details of the product, below are the products highlights and what makes the Clarisonic unique from other face cleansing brushes.

  • 3 Speeds (Delicate, Universal, Powerful)
  • Adjustable Pulsing T-Timer
  • Interchangeable Facial Brush Heads
  • Rechargeable and fully waterproof
  • Cleanses so thoroughly, skin care products absorb better

My personal experience of using this product has been above and beyond my expectations. I first started using this product in 2014 when I first bought my Clarisonic Aria from John Lewis. I had read so much about it and heard everyone talking about it I thought why not give it a go. I was feeling very low about my skin then and needed something to motivate me through my bad skin crisis I was going through. So just to fill you in with the background information, I suffered from bad blemishes on my cheeks and forehead as well as suffered from uneven skin tone around my chin and upper lips area, and to top it off I have oily skin. (I would share a picture but all my old pictures have been erased from my icloud so hey ho)

I felt that I always had to wear make up to cover the problems up and would endlessly cake my face with different products to ensure that the blemishes and the uneven skin tone were thoroughly covered. I was using two different shades of concealer and two different shades of foundation as well as using powder to set the make up on my face, as I also suffer from very oily skin and foundation can make your skin seem oily and shiny around particular areas of your face.

My skin care routine during this period of time was, Tea Tree Oil face wash from Body shop and Olay moisturiser. Both of these products helped at the time, well that’s what I thought. The tea tree oil helped to some aspect as it reduced the level of oil that was being produced on my face but I felt like it was ripping the natural oils from my face and after midday, my face would get a little dry and due to this, my makeup would look ashy and grey. So it was then when I was looking into investing into other products and speaking to different people who suffered from similar problems to me as well as looking at different youtube videos and reading different blogs, I came to know that most of these people that I was coming across were all using the Clarisonic.

So it was then on a fine Thursday evening that I decided to ahead and get one for myself. As different peoples skin is different and I am no skin expert, I recommend, if you are going to buy one then buy the one that will be most efficient for your skin and the one that you can financially afford as the prices do range from £120 to £199. I bought mine for £120 and the reason for choosing the Aria for me was having 3 speeds that gave my skin the opportunity to start reacting to the different speeds and helping in the recovery process to better skin, the different speeds allowed you to choose what type of speed you wanted to choose on different areas of the skin, for example a I would use the highest speed around my forehead as I had the most blemishes marks on my forehead. You can use your Clarisonic with any facewash that best suits your face and works well with your skin. I used the Khiels Face wash, but will talk about my Khiels haul on another day!

Enough of the boring stuff, and onto the main details, I started seeing results after around 5 weeks. I had taken a before picture so that I could compare it with a after picture and I had noticed that I got a shade lighter and although my blemishes had not all disappeared, they had reduced and small areas were looking a lot lighter than other areas where I suffered from bad blemishes. As time went on and I was continuing to use this product as part of my morning and evening routine, I started to see more and more of a different and noticed that other people were telling me that my skin is looking healthier and different.

It has been 2 years now since I have been using my Clarisonic Aria and I can honestly say that, 2 years down the line I can say that it has made a massive difference to my skin and the way my skin is today. I am more confident with my skin now and am able to have days where I do not have to wear make up to leave the house and more importantly, I use one shade of foundation, and concealer and just a light powder to rest the make up around m t-zone areas and chin as these areas of my skin still have a tendency to get a little oily half way through the day but is not as bad as before. It has given my skin a finer finish then hand cleansing my skin, I now have softer skin, (baby butt skin), my skin is glowing and looks more radiant even when I am wearing makeup and just like the product said, my skin is absorbing more vitamin C after use.

The Clarisonic Aria has made applying makeup onto my skin smoother and allows me to use small amounts as there is hardly anything I need to cover up on my skin. It is also holiday friendly and its one of most important gadgets I pack when I am going away. I also break out less now, and I do not suffer so badly of uneven skin tone. A minor detail that I forgot to mention before, is that you are able to buy different brush heads for your cleanser. There are brush heads for sensitive skin, dry skin, as well as oily skin and one that is a deep pores cleaning brush head.

I would like to emphasize that I am not a skin specialist and understand that it may work differently on other peoples skin, so I would recommend you speak to a Clarisonic expert, or a skin specialist if you have any skin issues before you buy the product. This product has given me good customer satisfaction and I have recommended it to my friends and family who are now also part of the Clarisonic family!!!, and all their skin types are different but so far they have all loved it. Its user friendly, holiday friendly, small and discreet, easy to clean and charge, and even without charging can last up to 3 -4 days.

Enough of my rant, I just wanted to share my thoughts on the product and hopefully encourage you get your own.

Thank you



2 thoughts on “Clarisonic Aria – Review

  1. Thanks for the review. I have been in the fence with the clarisonic for so long , mostly because of the price. I spend so much on makeup I don’t know why I can’t just take the plunge with this product. I too have very oily skin, but am dry also?? I am also older so I have mature skin issues as well. I am glad to hear you have had such a good experience😊😊👍

    1. Thank you for taking your time to read my review. The good thing about the clarisonic is that they are able to adapt their range of products to best suit your skin. The face brush is a life time investment that you won’t regret. All you have to do it ensure you get the right brush head. Your skin is only as mature as you want it to be! I hope you enjoy it too if you do end up buying it. Thanks again 😊😊

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